Solitaire Collection

The Solitaire Collection is a curated selection of intricate, striking sculptural candles with perfectly aligned facets that will become a statement centrepiece and a focal point in your living space.

Each candle in The Solitaire Collection is a statement of its own and possesses elaborate geometrical forms that display harmony and balance of form. 

This collection is designed to burn in a cylindrical shape down the centre, that ultimately illuminates the outer shell of the candle while keeping it intact, transparent and beautifully illuminated.

The transient nature of the hand-poured natural soy wax combined with the intricate sculpture form will beautifully create an art piece that melts and transforms its shape slowly over time with its wax drips. 

These hand-poured sculptural candles will form a chic ensemble on your tablescape and add a beautiful touch to any room in your home while creating a soothing atmosphere when lit. 

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