Sniff Pack

Not sure which scent resonates with you?

Our Sniff Pack contains small gold tins that are filled with 100% pure soy wax infused with our signature scents so you can smell our fragrances before committing to a full-sized purchase.

Once you found your favorite scents, you can re-use these as your portable mood boosters.

To use, just open the lid and enjoy the scents to uplift your mood whenever you need it. The compact size of these lightweight, chic gold tins makes it ideal for popping into desk drawers, and bags for on-the-go use.

Select up to FIVE scents and create your own Sniff Pack and we'll send you a sample of each with FREE shipping. 

You'll also get a $10 discount code that you can use towards your next purchase. 

    • Please note that our sniff tins are wickless, they have been created to replicate the experience of sniffing candle samples on shop display shelves. As they are not heated in the same way as candles are, their scent throw will not be as strong as real candles. Each tin holds 15g of scented soy wax.
    • Sniff Pack is excluded from ALL storewide sales. The $10 discount code cannot be combined with any other discount including any additional Sniff Pack $10 discount codes.

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    Free Shipping

    At Quietude Candles, we’re all about injecting a bit of self-care into your everyday routine without nasty additives and harmful toxic substances.

    That is why only the finest, high quality, and sustainably sourced ingredients are used in our vegan, all-natural soy candles.

    Indulge your senses with Quietude Candles and enjoy the comforting warm glow and captivating scents as a simple act to slow down, and elevate your everyday living spaces to the perfect ambiance of relaxation and calm.

    Presented in a premium reusable glass vessel with a dust cover and a signature gift box, perfect for gift-giving or keeping all to yourself.

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