Sculptural Candle Collections


Our sculptural candle collection is an eclectic curation of selected artisanal sculptural candles that will complement any setting as a decorative sculptural art piece, in addition to bringing a mesmerizing, radiant glow to your interiors when lit.

Pure and unadulterated. Our hand-poured sculptural candles are fragrance-free.  

Each candle is unique in its style and form and the way it burns.  The transient nature of the hand-poured natural soy wax combined with the distinctive sculpture form creates an art piece that melts and transforms its shape slowly over time.   

Your home should act as a recharging sanctuary and elevate your mood while simultaneously showcasing your unique style. Layer and cluster different and complementing sculptural candles together to form a chic ensemble on your tablescape that will add an extra dimension of Hygge to your home or light them and let the warm glow of the flames quiet your mind and create a soothing atmosphere. 

Great for gifting, as a house-warming present or simply to treat yourself, these collections are created in the hope that they will accentuate your living spaces and encourage beauty and conversation in your sanctuaries so you can come home to something beautiful, unique, calm, and meaningful.   

We hope that you will find enjoyment and pleasure in these collections, and they would bring a special joy to you, and those who give or receive them.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection